Sleep mode + reconnect


Thought I'd share why the extension does not work for my scenario, hoping it might help you evolve the software.
  1. My environment is composed of: one laptop computer; one 15" LDC monitor.
  2. I've got two configurations set up in the plugin: single monitor (SINGLE Config); dual monitors (DM Config). My laptop computer is my first monitor.
  3. I hardly turn off my laptop. It's more than frequently in sleep mode.
    What I have found is that if I put my computer in sleep mode while the DM Config is active and the monitor is plugged in, and then wake up the computer at home, where I have no other monitor, the windows, as expected, come back to my laptop monitor (as there is NO OTHER monitor). I then work at home, put it back to sleep and come back to work. When I plug the monitor back in and click the DM Config, nothing happens. It's as if the configuration has been corrupted, even though I haven't clicked the save button. I don't know how coordinates are calculated, but somehow it's erasing all my dragging and dropping on the second monitor and I have to do it all over again. I can't bear doing this every single day.
  4. Open Visual Studio
  5. Drag some toolboxes to a second monitor
  6. Save your configuration
  7. Put your computer to sleep, with Visual Studio still open
  8. Unplug the monitor cable
  9. Wake up the computer
  10. Maximize VS
  11. Plug the monitor cable
  12. Click your saved configuration
  13. Windows don't go back to saved location (second monitor)
    I wouldn't mind clicking them back and forth, if my configuration would at least continue the same through sleeps and wakes. What is stated here http://perspectives.codeplex.com/workitem/33124 is a good point to start though.
    Hope this helps in any way.